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Private Money Search, LLCis a private, funding company that arranges to directly invest in, or otherwise arranges appropriate financing to fund Alternative or Renewable Energy projects through an outstanding group of Lenders and Professional Investment entities that we have established relationships with since 2008.


Our focus is on getting worthwhile Alternative and Renewable Energy projects funded, so that the project can help make a difference in the Community, State, Region, or even the whole Country that it serves.


In the current commercial finance environment, developers and investors are increasingly relying on private sources of capital to meet their financing needs. As a result, some brokers are requesting advance fees, with no confidence in their ability to secure financing. In this environment it is more important than ever to have a commercial finance partner you can trust. Our confidence and expertise allows us to evaluate your project with no cost or obligation.


Many commercial mortgage brokers simply collect information and shop your loan to banks. PMS personally underwrites your loan, and evaluates the viability of your project. We will then select the appropriate financial institution and structure your finance request. Our longstanding relationships with our Lenders and Professional Investment entities, and a comprehensive understanding of their requirements, offer you the optimal opportunity to secure financing for your project.

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